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crazy days

wow. seven days til my first day of work.
good thing it's easy to remember! the 8th
at 8am! =] i'm having a hair crisis kind of.
it's a strange colour but blonde enough
to deal with and will be passable for work.
i ate great indian food today. i got carsick
on the way home and threw it up though.
:[ what else? jon rolled laura's truck. if i
had sufficent batteries for my camera i
would take pictures. i got my first vehicle.
haven't gotten pictures yet, but...it's an old
dodge and i love it so much. there was
something stinky in there from johnny
and i poured a whole bottle of carpet fresh
on the seats then hotboxed it with fizzy pop
incense. i was so psyched to find that certain
incense, i have been looking for it for the last 3
years, first time i got it was at the state fair.
it's amazing. XD life is good. things are getting
better as time goes by. working on the camper
so that we can stay in it this summer.

i am so mad at myself!!

so i'm really pissed at myself. i was doing so good
at keeping a daily journal. it had been three solid
months of keeping it. my dumbass left it in wasilla
at jackie's. =[

i'm gunna go stay up at my aunt denise's because
she just got out of the hospital. one of her ribs was
really fucked up. the shitty part is that she can't have
any pain medication. she's allergic. so shaner and i
are gunna go stay with her so that we can chop wood
and do all the crap she shouldn't be doing while injured.

i made beef chow mein for dinner. yum.


greatness is defined, by me, as when a person
tries their hardest and never gives up even after
the fall on their ass a million times.

greatness is when a person loves another
person for who they are and appreciates
their presence and their company.

greatness is doing everything a person
can to make life a little better.

if you'd be my star, i'd be your sky

sara came out early last week.
she was at joshes and shaner
and i went over there and hung
out, then jackie came out and
picked the three of us up.
we got stuck in johnny's driveway.
we had so much fun in town!!
"crazy orgies all the time!"
what movie is that from?? hmmm...
anyway, we were starving so the
guys hijacked hotdogs from walmart.
hahaha. i love jackie so much. jeez.
i was really sick yesterday.
awful stomachache and every time
i got out of bed i was uncontrollably
dizzy and felt like i was gunna throw up.
thank god for jackie's mom.
she brought me a sprite.


so, i forgot to update.
yay i got to see katie.
we hung out in wasilla.
uhmm, i'm so happy i
got to see her. let's see.
since then, i've babysat
a trillion times, made a
bit of money. it's snowing.
i am so fucking sick of
the snow. it's beautiful,
yes, i get it but life in a
snow globe is just so
disheartening. my effing
parents were up til 6am
having a screaming match.
so not much sleep for me.
our water's frozen.
so not much shower for me.

=] i hate my peiod.

i am so happy shane's home. i missed him so much.
we've pretty much just hung out together since he's been
back. =] he bought me these unbelievable pajama pants,
they're like a fluffy blanket for my legs! they're covered in
rainbow hearts too!! yay. he also brought me a bunch of
sarah's old clothes. so that's really badass. today i woke
up in a horrible mood though. i hate getting my period. it's
all eve's fault. stupid bitch shouldn't have eaten the damn apple!!


so, i made $100 babysitting yesterday. =]
but today, i'm having a horrible day. i seem
to be really emotional. crying a LOT. and
i have this fantastic migraine, that will not
go away. i was fighting really bad with my
sister. she made me cry. blegh.


wow it's thirty four degrees out today.
sometimes i think god is just playin
with me half the time. it's so waarrrm!

so, i guess

i really need some inspiration. anybody got anything?
i started to make dove a valentine's day card. uhmm,
hmmmm...i am trying to be patient. but it's not too bad.
ny brain can not connect my thoughts to my hands right
now. it's weirdly astounding.

i hung out with mongo outside for a little while today.
i fed him some candy corn. i love my dog. he's probably
the coolest dog on earth. =]

i want to make a cupcake made out of glitter
and paper. i am lacking the glue factor though.


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