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i gots me some stuff!

i'm waiting impatiently for it all to come in the mail...
here it is!!Collapse )


well, this winter has been strange to say the least. uhmm, i'm a bout to go to wasilla for training on my census job i got hired for starting at 25.50/hr!! monday-friday then i have a months worth of work 25hr/week. THEN, mj comes when hoot pops her baby out, for a few weeks. then i start back up at princess in the employee dining room! :) PIMP! ohmm i got my tax return orr refund or whatev today and i'm in the money for awhile and i'm excited. SO, i never update sorry dudes :( but i will try and be more consistent with this.

i think it's about time...
most of these are uni & myself. this girl is BEYOND cool.
i met the most amazing people this summer.

let me introduce youuuCollapse )

The Cute Monster Test

Your Cute Monster Says Your Inner Demon is Sensitivity
You are a giving, open, loving person. You truly want the world to be a better place.
You appreciate what you have in life. You are very content.

You are very sensitive, and your sensitivity can be a double edged sword.
People think you're cute because you're generous. You are easy to love - it's part of your charm.

the best thing

the best thing i've seen/done this month is
a toss-up between getting my tattoo & doing
LSD on the riverbed. in the same time frame.
within 10 hours of eachother. XD

rock me mama

it's mindblowing how this summer has just flown by.
i haven't gotten written up, fired, or complained
about yet. hahaa. seriously though, this job is a
serious love hate thing. my two best friends up there
are gerie & frodo. they're both considering staying
thru the winter...well gerie is for sure, frodo might
be a no-go. HAA i rhymed. today, i made FOURTEEN beds
in FORTY FIVE MINUTES. it was fucking insanity. not
to mention it's been in the eighties here. wtf, alaska?

shaner & i are still trying to figure out what it is
exactly that we're doing this winter. there are a couple
prospects...we have the camper but it needs to be winterized
like a son of a bitch. same with the truck, needs a heater
cord & studded snow tires...but i'm still trying not to think
about the winter right now. hah. i can't believe we're already
seven days into june. it's really a trip.

sitting here with my corona, thinking to myself, while
listening to my dad's music blared thru the house, i feel
complete. i just ordered $40 worth of hairdyeeee...for the
end of season, of course. =]
also, saturday at 2pm shane and i both have tattoo appointments!!
i'm getting a fuckin' pink circus cookie! FINALLY.
he's getting a memorial for his cousin, sarah that passed away
this last october. i'm pretty excited. also, pretty drunk.
hah. so, i guess i'm off to spend more moneeeeeys.

racing raindrops, exhilarated,
waiting for time to slow down
or speed up at the same time.
it's like childhood renewed and
being violated all the same.
it's the reason you say yes but
you really mean no.
it's the constancy of life, always
on the go. delusional thoughts
from underneith the bed, the
monster of eternity slamming
into my head. the painful realization
of back in the days when we were young,
coming back to haunt us for what
we've become.
damaging lies, there are no easy goodbyes.
unless they've been anticipated,
and played out, wishing what we said
was never delated, why connect this to that?
it's not even related.
how come every time you go there, i act all jaded?
i don't want you, i don't love you, i am simply
intrigued by you. and is that such a crime?
what's so bad about manipulation?
there's no wasted time.

keys should not be handed over at 16

i didn't get my first vehicle til i was 19
and it has already taught me a ton of
who else thinks britney's eyebrows
are in need of a stylist? is it just me?

i had my first anxiety attack at work for
the first time in six years. long stressful
day, by myself. no one saw me break
though. so that's good. i get this week
end off and i couldn't be more psyched.

i am very tired and i had a dream last
night that i rolled with katie and a few
other people but the shit didn't work so
we just sat around and talked and talked
for hours and just ...idk i miss how life
was back in the days when we were young.
it's such a bittersweet feeling.
work is exhausting. i'm doing much better
this week than last week. i've made many
friends. it's intense to have a 9-5 six days
a week. especially for me. i found a bathtub
full of pubes today and also, a pair of panties
and two dollars on a bed...that was a nice
little treat. the cool thing though, is that my lead
loves me...i haven't gotten in any trouble and i'm
workin my ass off. the truck is runnin' good.
moved back to the camper, and it's so clean and
nice and not stinky or moldy or anything. =]
this weekend, i get friday AND saturday off, i 'm
so psyched. gunna go to bluegrass and camp.
yaaay. i'm beat & gotta find my birth certificate if
i wanna get paid on next monday. =[ boo.